Tuesday, July 28, 2009

World of Warcraft Review: Triple Experience is HaX

World of WarcraftSo thanks to chan and jeffizzle, I entered THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I linked accounts with chan and we began to abuse the triple experience system. It's so fast that as soon as you kill the first boar you're already level 2. So getting the first level litterally takes like 5 seconds. I didn't really have any idea what I was doing, I just taking intructions from chan. I even took all his addons that he had as well, like Carbonite, TBag, MoneyFu, XPerl and Bartender. I didn't what they were call at the time, all I knew that it was a much better looking interface that the original one. Well Carbonite helped a lot, I didn't have to read anything, just had to follow directions that's it, so simple, made leveling quicker I suppose.

But then we just pretty much got runs through instances from level 10 to about level 50. So I didn't really know much about questing to about level 50. So I really only quested in the original World of Warcraft for like 8 levels, the first 10 don't count seeing how it takes in total of 5 minutes to get it. So to all those people who hate questing or doing instances in the old world, I'm sorry, I do not share you pain. Like I even got a summon to Scarlet Monastery from Stormwind, so I didn't even have to run. Only thing I didn't enjoy was leveling my mining profession, since I was doing the triple experience, it was very hard for me to make money, because I was constantly buying skills. So mining was really a pain when I was at the levels where I had to find the rare ores, like gold, truesilver and thorium. So I ended up farming a crap load of mithril and since I was enchanting, I had no use for any of the ores, so I sold them all, and so before I hit Outlands I already had 1000 gold or so.

Once 58 hit, I was in Outlands and was leveling. By this time chan was too busy with his main so I was left alone. But thanks to Carbonite, I knew what to do. So I quickly ditched the character that chan was leveling with and made him switch to another character to level with me. Leveling in Outlands was pretty easy thanks to Carbonite and also it made things quite efficient because I was able to easily group my quests together.


When level 68 came, I was gone and headed for Northrend, by this time I had been playing for about 6 days or so. Northrend questing pretty easy as well, like Outlands all the quests were grouped together so it really helped make things easier and quicker. At first I was still leveling with chan but once again, I left him in the dust and by day 9, I hit level 80. My mining was at 450, which is MAX and my enchanting was around 370 or so.

So there you go, so easy to level a character, not only that the linked account lasts for 3 months. So you can make plenty of new character and level them to 60 since that's when the triple experience looks its effect. Also another thing I forgot to mention is that the person who is new to game, gets to grant free levels to the person who recuited them, as long as the character is higher level. So once I hit 80, I gave chan's druid a free 30 levels. I don't really have much to say about the game, other than the triple experience is broken, and I made a level 80 Draenei Shaman with almost all epic gear in just 10 days.

*Also to put it all into perspective actual played time when he hit 80 was just under 24 hours of in game time and 30 druid was created in just over 2 minutes.... yup 2 minutes... - chan

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