Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Four People Left 4 Dead

So after playing about 5 hours of the new Left 4 Dead on my PC, here are a few things that come to mind.

The gameplay is EXACTLY the same as what those of you who have played the demo saw and experienced. It's just that when you buy the game each of the levels are actually about twice as long as the demo. You get to play the campaign mode with people online, or play in single player, and of course you can play versus mode as well, which I must add is very cool.

I haven't completed the 5 or was it 6 levels that the game comes with so I don't know if there are any to unlock or not. I know 5 or 6 seems very little but trust of as of right now you'll probably have lots of fun them until Valve releases new maps to download which hopefully in keeping with Valve tradition will be FREE DLC. Plus the levels are very long so I HIGHLY doubt you'd want to play more 2 levels from beginning to end back-to-back.

Single player campaign mode is exactly the same as the online campaign mode just that your stuck with retarded computer AI's. They don't pick up any grenades or anything and they don't know how to use such as the mounted machine guns, so they just end up kind of standing around you and use up all their primary weapon's ammo.

Now playing online would obviously solve this problem, but the problem is there's always those players that are utterly useless, who play this game and think they are the best in game etc. Those players generally will just make a dash for the safehouse and ignore the rest of the "TEAM", or they talk you into "playing" (if you can call it playing anymore) the level EXACTLY the way they want to. Kinda drags the online experience down sometimes. The good thing is that if any of those bastards drop or leave the game they are immediately swapped with a computer. Another thing I like that they made is, that you can make maps that ONLY your friends can join. I haven't had much luck with the online part yet because I haven't been able to create a game on a dedicated server and have been hosting locally, which kinda sucks. so I'll have to get back to you on that later... maybe...

The really cool part of the game is versus mode, where its the zombies versus the survivors. At first I thought it'd be just a lot of zombie running around. but its actually a portion of a campaign map where 2 teams (4 vs 4) take turns playing as the humans and the zombies. the objectives of each side should be obvious. Humans need to get to safehouse, and the zombies need to kill them before they do... So the human part is pretty much exactly the same as the regular campaign but the zombie side is where things get interesting. Each player randomly (or maybe its different on servers) becomes one of the 4 types of zombies: Boomer (big fat thing that explodes), Hunter (crawls around and jumps and rapes the human), Smoker (shoots its tongue to drag the human away from the group)and the Tank (big ugly hulk looking thing). Unfortunately the Witch is not available to be played. I also thought it sucked when I spawned as a smoker... It's kind of unbalanced because its a 1 shot kill for them on me. So I had to wait 20 seconds to spawn as a fat thing just to be shot at once before I have to wait again. But then again there's probably supposed to be a fair amount of sneaking around to do the most damage first, but I usually just ended up charging right in which probably isn't a great idea.

I think I've covered most of the modes and the pros and cons. Overall, I think it's a good game, who wouldn't like to join up with 3 other friends and shoot at a city full of zombies right?. It would have been cool if there were other modes or if it were possible to infect the people and almost make it a game of tag. and i guess more maps would be nice too. hopefully these are things that will be added in later on but I think in my opinion as it stands now I honestly don't think the game is worth $40 YET, I think if Valve introduces more content into the game then this game would be worth your money, kinda like Team Fortress 2 where they added more stuff after the game was released, lets hope they do that for Left 4 Dead as well.

This game is playable online and offline with up to four people and is currently available on PC and XBOX 360

EDIT: Thanks for the copy of L4D Anson - Chan


  1. is there a story to the game? or just hours of non-stop zombie raping?

  2. There's kind of a story? but not really. its more zombie raping. but its lots of run. like i said. verus mode is really well made.