Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tiny Enormous Planet

Today--well I guess it's yesterday now--I finally beat PS3's most prized game, Little Big Planet by developers Media Molecule. Some say that this is the first game that actually FULLY utilizes the PS3. The game was released on October 28, 2008 worldwide. The main character in this game is a cute and lovable sack bag boy/girl that players use to journey through Little Big Planet. This 3D side-scrolling platformer is probably one of the most anticipated games for the PS3, or games in general... Maybe aside from Wrath of the Lich King. The game contains a number of modes that players and choose from their pods.

In story mode, the game is essentially identical to Super Mario World. The only major difference is that you need to use your head at times to solve mini puzzles and races to get stickers that are hidden or behind objects. Other than that, it's all the same. You run around the map collecting these clear glass balls that have this gas in them or something, sort of like the coins in Mario. You don't have to get them all but it'd be nice if you did. At the end, your points are tallied and that is the score you obtain. I found that the difficulty of the levels do NOT get progressively harder. Maybe harder in general but there are some that were a breeze but there were some that were very very VERY and I mean VERY frustrating. Like the one with the fire and mines =__= Holy shit crap the mines gahh. So hard. So hard. ... chan knows what I'm talking about. .. gah...

EDIT: "OMG THE FLAMES?!??! WHY DO THEY BURN?!??!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!1111" Was all that went through my head while playing that level... - Chan

Anyways after completing the story mode the first time, it'd probably be very useful to redo all the levels again at least once, because there are certain parts of each level that require more than one player to unlock, or they need a certain stickers to unlock more stickers, and come on--who doesn't like stickers?!

So with all the stickers, costumes, materials and decorations that you collect, you can have your sack... err... person put on the stuff that you find, like an assortment of weird hats, clothes and shoes (they could be pants?!), whereas all the other stuff can be used to decorate your pod, or make your own levels. All the levels that are in the story mode can be created using the level creator. It's just that it takes a very very long time, figuring out how to setup triggers and doing this and that, which...would probably take up quite a fair amount of time. The thing I didn't like about the level creator was that there was an endless round of tutorials that I had to sit there and watch and endure. At least you get an achievement if you watch them all?! Only problem is achievements are worth NOTHING!!! So I know now that the only way to find peace is... To just make random levels that nobody can ever win. MUHAHAHAHA..hahaha. *cough*

Of course you can always play levels that other people create which are always fun. There are an assortment of levels like one based off of Mirror's Edge, which are fun to see (snatch them up quick though because there is apparently a "kill switch" for maps based off of other company's IP) and then there are others which just help you get all the achievements which are nice as well.

Another great feature is the sheer amount of customization. Like I mentioned before you can dress your sack-person, and for those of you who don't like the costumes that come with the game, you can always buy new ones from the PlayStation Store for around $1 - $2. $1 for the ones that seem to be generic (shark, frog, etc...) and $2 for the "special" ones, like SEPHIROTH and OLD SNAKE. The special ones aren't out yet but I'm waiting for the day it does and user generated content arrives for them. Haha maybe someone will make a Shadow Moses map and you can fight Metal Gear Rex. I think that'd be pretty EPIC. Until then let's just hope that those people with too much time on their hands can be kept busy with the content that the game comes with, but it seems like they plan on releasing new DLC every week, so it will probably get the Rock Band-like DLC treatment lol.

Anyways to sum it all up, Little Big Planet is a great party game to play with friends. Although it is definitely challenging and frustrating at times because you can't pass a certain parts of the game (REMEMBER THE BOMBS AND THE CART ANSON...), but the game is lots of fun when playing with friends, and it's always fun to share the frustration and anger with friends...Right? This is a game that definitely worth picking up for all those PS3 owners out there that haven't already got a copy.

This game is playable online and offline with up to four people and is available exclusively on the PS3.


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