Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Uncovering the Need for Speed

So Need for Speed Undercover came out in North America on all platforms today. And I’m just going to be straight up honest about this game. It’s a very lazy game… Okay I guess I should back up a little bit. The game play is quite similar to one of the games predecessors, Need for Speed Most Wanted. The story goes, that you’re working for the FBI to help put bad guys in jail, you know just like 2 Fast 2 Furious… Anyways, so you have to go around town and getting reputation and blah blah and to do that you have to win races.

The new thing that they added in now is that you don't have to be at an intersection to start a race anymore (kinda like Burnout Paradise) you just have to be in like a 3 block radius. Honestly, all you have to do is press the Tab button when you’re in the area and the race starts. So if you didn’t catch that, this is pretty much how you play the game:

1) Press "tab" to start a race
2) Win the race and end up in another part of town which has a race
3) Repeat

Oh and sometimes there's a cut scene with Maggie Q in it.

She's hot so it’s definitely worth watching, but the cut scenes with her in it only last about TEN SECONDS. Seriously what the heLL!? Can you even call that a cut scene?! Dammit, and then some other random people talk you but they aren’t Maggie Q so they don’t matter...

So it’s another Need for Speed and with it comes music and at least the soundtrack is good… like they usually are? Right? WRONG. I don’t know why but this version seems to be lacking in the music department... After playing it for about an hour straight, I didn't hear anything that made me want to drive faster. Where is YOUR RAGE EA? WHERE IS YOUR ANGER!? Yeah, pretty boring music = “Slow Driving”.

So how does this game stack up to the last entry into Need for Speed franchise Need for Speed Pornstreet, (I mean Prostreet but the cars are so sexy…) it’s definitely better than Prostreet. It’s not all that much better but it’s definitely good to see that they got scriptwriters on this one. In the end it’s just lots of racing to grind up rep and then you win. Which is the same basic principle as all the other games in the NFS franchise, so in my mind this is how I would order the Need for Speed(s) from Great to CRAP, Most Wanted, Underground (1 & 2), Carbon, Undercover, Prostreet.

Now, back to some Left 4 Dead… This game is hard on single player.

Need for Speed is currently available on most major consoles and supports online and offline play.

EDIT: I forgot to mention how PAINFULLY easy the game is, and there's no option to change the difficulty either.

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